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PriimaAvustaja is a mobile application aimed at the elderly, which makes communication between the elderly, the relative and the caregiver easily accessible to all seniors.

PriimaAvustaja is designed to be used with a tablet computer or smartphone. You can use PriimaAvustaja on almost any smart device: Android devices from many different manufacturers (e.g. Samsung, Oneplus, LG, ZTE, Lenovo, Asus) or Apple devices (iPhone, iPad).

PriimaAvustaja is designed in a way that ensures everyone dares to use it. After installing PriimaAvustaja, you get an easy-to-use video call, a clear message wall, and a shared synchronized calendar. With these features, you can easily stay in touch with your relatives around the world.

Tablet 180x180

One-touch video connectivity with your family

Envelope 180x180

Messages sent on the message wall are displayed in chronological order for easy reading

Calendar 180x180

You can add upcoming events or doctor visits to your calendar

PriimaAvustaja is a product owned by Finnospace Ltd

Oy Finnospace Ltd
Niuskalankatu 2, FI-20380 Turku, Finland

e-mail info@priima-avustaja.fi
tel +358 50 5111 710